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A-DAZE-ing Donuts

July 6, 2017


I have always thought “beached mermaid” is the perfect description to sum up my love of the beach.Β I love the sand, scales, shells, untamed hair, salty smells and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. When I was younger, I loved the movie Aquamarine. It’s a major throwback, I know, but I would have done anything to don an aquamarine tail like Sara Paxton’s fishy character or live on the beach like Emma Roberts and JoJo’s characters did. Don’t we all just want to dance to β€œIsland in the Sun” at a beach club with a cute lifeguard? The beach is such a tranquil place. Unfortunately for me, I don’t get too many beach days since I spend a majority of my time in Texas and Arizona.

Thankfully, my beach withdrawals are near over. In a couple days, I’ll be packing my sandals and sunscreen to head north to the brisk and beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Until then, I needed some nautical nonsense to TIDE myself over.


Galaxy Donuts (top left), Mermaid Donuts (bottom left), Unicorn Donuts (center), Cereal and Milk Donuts (top right) and Black Hole Donuts (bottom right) all ready at the beginning of the day to go out to excited customers

Sweet Daze Dessert Bar is a bakery serving up artistic creations you can eat. Located in Richardson, Texas, it is home to tasty treats designed with the mythical and magical in mind. People are all abuzz about this bakery, and it hasn’t even opened yet! This sweet stop has yet to announce their Grand Opening, but you’re in luck. Hunter and I were able to stop by for one of their limited Soft Opening days to test their treats before the shop is officially ready for business.

The dessert bar is best known for their magical and creative donuts. These designer donuts are made at Paris Donuts and beautified at Sweet Daze. Donuts are topped with creative figures and sprinkles to bring their specialty products to life. Their staple designs seem to follow all the popular trends with names like the Unicorn Donut, Mermaid Donut, Galaxy Donut and more! Flavors do go fast though. At the moment, donuts are made right before opening and no more are made after the store has opened. If you have your heart set on a Unicorn Donut, gallop your tail over to the shop right when it opens to snatch one up!


The creativity carries over into their soft serve ice cream options too. Current flavors include Ube, Fruity Pebbles, Black Velvet and Dole Whip. Yes, I said DOLE WHIP! Disney lovers rejoice. The Dole Whip soft serve is totally vegan too. Unfortunately, there are no vegan donuts, but they have stated they are working on offering vegan donut options in the future. Sweet Daze recently announced on their Instagram that soft serve flavors will be rotating.

We ended up ordering a Mermaid Donut and Black Velvet soft serve, and these were probably some of the most aesthetically pleasing treats I’ve ever devoured! The Black Velvet is super creamy like cream cheese frosting, and the donut is just the right amount of sweet. I really like how the specialty donuts aren’t over-glazed. The donut and decor is sweet enough! The are topped with details that were simply picture perfect down to the gold star sprinkles. Hunter inhaled our Mermaid Donut because I felt guilty eating a piece of art!


The designers of Sweet Daze were smarties. They must of known people would want tons of pics of their beautiful creations. This shop was clearly designed with the Instagram lover in mind. Although the outside is a rather monotonous shopping center, the inside of the store is well thought out. Decorated with only white and black, the simple chic of the store really makes the creations shine. The decor is a clean canvas for photos. Don’t worry about lighting either! The front of the store is all windows, so there is no shortage of natural lighting. What did I tell you? Perfectly designed for your picture taking pleasure.

Want your own snaps of these delicious delicacies? Even though Sweet Daze Dessert Bar isn’t open yet, try your luck at their Soft Opening days. They will be hosting customers between 3 p.m. and midnight until July 10. I recommend getting there early because once the donuts are gone, they are gone for the day!

I hope you find a way over to Sweet Daze Dessert Bar to try their mythical treats and live out your dreamy fantasies whether they involve tails or human legs!


Showing off the beautiful Mermaid Donut in the lovely Sweet Daze store.

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