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Rainbow Confections

July 19, 2016

I’m a pancake person. Waffles are great and all, butΒ they’re more high maintenance and often crunchier than pancakes. Flat, fluffy and covered in syrup is more my deal. My family and I tryΒ loads of toppings and ingredients to fill our pancakes with. I’ve experimented with food dye before, but we’ve never tried rainbow pancakes! FullSizeRender (18)Simply split your batter up into how ever many colors you’d like and load in the dye to the desired strength of the color (pastel or jewel toned). We also decided to add in some mini, semi-sweet chocolate chips because I have a major sweet tooth. I hope you try these breakfastΒ treats. You can createΒ them in any colors (your favorite team or college perhaps), and spread the sweetness.

These babies were a little treat to myself this weekend. As of today, I start classes in 30 days. The exhilaration and terror is getting real. Although I can’t wait to soak in the Arizona sun, post pictures of my new room, and lounge around on the rooftop pool (after studying of course), I am certainly nervous for such a big change.Β Stay tuned for all the fun things that we do as the summer nears it’s end. Things will be getting bigger and brighter as we heat up for the big move.



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