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Hello Sunshine!

June 27, 2016

The sun is shining, the clouds have parted, and the Netflix binges are in full swing. You know what that means… SUMMER! In honor of my first post, I think we should talk a little bit about summer bucket lists. They’ve changed and evolved over the years, but some things remain the same.

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Dallas Farmers Market in Dallas, Texas

I would scavenge the internet around May looking for new and creative ideas, but was always at a loss. I would set goals, but never fully achieve “The Greatest Summer Ever”.Every year I make a summer list, and every year I never finish it. Although my lists tend to miss a few check marks by September, I always make sure to hit the cheap goodies to really make the most of my months with Mr. Sun.

Here are the tried and true things that I do every year to ring in the summer and get more involved. So put away the computer, grab a disposable camera, and make memories worth scrap booking:

  1. The Farmers Market- Every town has one.Supporting local businesses and farms is reason enough to meander through booths and vendors selling everything from soaps to strawberries. Even if you don’t decide to take someΒ tasty goodiesΒ home, you’ll love taking pictures of how pretty everything looks. Fresh and local is always better for you, the economy and plain better looking!
  2. Local Music-Β Music is an outlet for so many people. No matter what style or sound you love to listen to, finding a local band or music venue shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. It’s okay to spring for the T-Swift or JT tickets sometimes, but going to a local hole in the wall is a whole different animal. Even if you’re one of two parties viewing an 11 p.m show for a mediocre smooth jazz trio, let go a little bit, start a dance party and enjoy your company.
  3. Baking- This doesn’t sound like the most practical thing in the world for a blistering hot southern summer, but I absolutely love locking myself inside the AC and baking coffee cake, cookies, or breakfast treats for my friends and family. No matter the weather, nobody can resist homemade cookies.
  4. Learn a New Skill- This is always my favorite thing to do over the summer. Last summer I learned to knit, the summer before I learned how to dye my hair (purple was the color of choice that year), and this summer I’m starting my blog! Go to classes, google, or scan other blogs to learn new skills. Try a Zumba class, learn to sew, join a rec league, get CPR certified or volunteer your time at a shelter. Knowledge is never unimportant.
  5. Make a Change- By changing one part of your life, you’ll feel so much fresher by fall. Give your room an Ikea overhaul, get a big haircut, try a new make-up style or even just change your coffee order. Plus who doesn’t love a good before and after picture.

I challenge you to travel outside your comfort zone this summer. Get involved in your community, meet some people, and cherish the people you have in your life. Also…

H.A.G.S πŸ˜‰



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