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The ABC’s to an Adorable Dorm

September 12, 2016

Living in a dorm can be daunting, yet exciting. If youโ€™re anything like me, you are planning your decor months in advance. With white walls, little natural lighting, and a living space the size of a childrenโ€™s bounce house, making your room homey is no easy task. Here is a peak into ourย room and all the brands, products, and tricks we used to create a home away from home.

Adorable Accents– I can’t get enough of this comfy bed.ย These duvet coversย are the steal to die for. Fromย PBTeen, my roommate and I purchased them for $15 a piece! We originally hadn’t considered green, but I love it now. It’s calming and really fits into the nautical theme ofย my side of theย room.


The pictures on the wall are all made by me through theย Rhonna App. The arrow was purchased fromย Hobby Lobbyย and painted green. The monogram was made byย BarnLoveย on Etsy. I am unbelievably happy with how the monogram turned out. If you need a monogram, I highly recommend their shop. I received the 20″ by 20″ scalloped monogram painted in gold. The yellow pillow is PBTeen (another sale steal), and the white comforter isย Target. The highlight of the room has to be theย Wellfleet, Cape Cod pillowย from America Roadside onย Society 6. Cape Cod, beaches, mermaids and anything nautical definitely floats my boat, so this baby is a must!


Next up is my roomie’s side. She would live in the mountains if she could, so she put up lots of pictures and art to remind her of her home in Northern California.


She has loads of talented friends who made artwork for her wall. The wooden art piece of Mount Hood was done by Carson Sloas, and the bottom card of the paper airplane was done by Lauren Ferguson. The clock is from Target, and the pineapple print is from Hobby Lobby. Doesn’t it look so beautiful and cohesive? It’s artsy and chic just like my roommate.


Beautiful Basics– Like most college kids, we love our coffee. This cute cart from, you guessed it, Target, really keeps all of our baking supplies and mugs in an easy to reachย area. The Keurig was on sale at Target, so we snatched it up. It matches the bedding perfectly! We use mason jars for everything (holding utensils, drinking, heating food etc.) If you love to control what you eat, bake, or just adore coffee, a cart will be your lifesaver. We love having everything in one spot like a mini kitchen.


Our dorms are pretty new, so my roommate and I split a private bathroom (sorry for all you community bathroom girls out there). It’s a small space, but this shower curtain from Target brightens it up a whole lot. It may look too bright and busy, butย againstย the white walls, it makes our bathroom look very fun!

We separated our towels by color (pink for me, purple for her), and made the wall our own with a little bit of art. The bathroom doesn’t need to be too busy because, frankly, there’s no room for it. With a little bit of color, it’ll be the easiest to decorate.

Cute Study Space– Whether you’re using it for make-up, studying, or eating, your desk is the most versatile space in the room. Making it clean and adorable is not a difficultย task.ย If you’re flying to college, move-in can seem daunting, but it is possible to DIY a cute room on the fly.img_0252

This mirror was a plain white when we first purchased it, but one roll of glitter tape later, and ta-da! Perfect make-up mirror that matches the other gold accents. Plus who doesn’t love glitter!


Additionally, we made this beautiful little key project for my graduation party. We painted the chicken wire and chalk board combo gold to match the decor, then found the keys with etched words onto them, and hung them by gold clothespins. Friends and family took a key and wrote their key to success on the tag. It’s a great reminder of home, and it fits perfectly next to my desk.

Our room is tasteful, cozy, and fancy while still being functional. Our individuality is definitely showcased on either side, but the room is still very cohesive. I’m so happy with how it turned out! If you have any questions on where the products are from or where to find coupons for the stores listed, please comment below!


P.S. How many pineapple products did we use in the room? (Hint: There’s four)

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    September 13, 2016 at 8:30 am

    Love it all! It’s so homey and so you! ๐Ÿ’– That key project is the cutest! Big ๐Ÿ’– you!

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    September 19, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    Great tips!

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