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Vibrant Vermont

July 25, 2018

“Vermont must be beautiful this time of year… all that snow!” My favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, takes place among the beautiful (Hollywood replica) slopes of Vermont, but what is there to do there during the summer when the mountains aren’t dusted white? Surprisingly, a lot.

Tucked at the base of a trio of mountains, Smugglers’ Notch Resort holds activities for families all year round. My family and I did a week in Northern Vermont, and we didn’t have to travel far from the resort to experience amazing hiking, one of a kind activities and amazing amenities!

Hiking is a big deal in Vermont. No matter the time of year, you can’t visit Smuggs without going up one of the many mountains and trails. One of the activities hosted by the resort is Llama Trekking. Spend your morning on a relaxing, three-hour hike with your own llama? Sign me up! We met our sweet llamas, let them hold our things and went hiking around the resort trails.

Another super fun activity offered by Smuggs is the Selkie Mermaid Swim. This one hour course outfitted us with our very own mermaid tail and taught us how to swim in it. All the girls in the family loved it! It was tons of fun, and I think the pictures speak for themselves. We had a blast with our own private swim and fun mermaid pictures!

A family favorite was our visit to the Trapp Family Lodge and Brewery. This beautiful estate has sprawling views. The von Trapp Family Singers (anyone remember The Sound of Music?) set up the farm in Vermont because it reminded them of their homeland Austria. The lodge was beautiful. Everything from the history to the views and the European architecture was stunning.

That wasn’t even the best part. We dined at the Trapp Family Brewery more than once because the food, environment and (once again) VIEWS were just stunning. We even saw the last remaining von Trapp child while we were there. Can I say I’ve seen a celebrity now?

A must-do for me was a trip to the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory in Waterbury, Vermont. We stopped for about an hour on our way back to the airport. We ate ice cream, toured the Flavor Graveyard filled with the most laughable flavors ever made and went on a short “tour” of the factory. Of course I bought the most hippie t-shirt I could find. The tour isn’t groundbreaking, but you get a peek at the ice cream process, learn more about the company and get a sample of the ice cream made in the factory. For $4 a person, I’d say it is a required excursion on your Vermont trip. It was a fantastic pit stop before our haul back to Boston Logan Airport.

Thanks for having us Vermont! We loved experiencing new and exciting things each day! Now where to next…


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