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The Art of Ice Cream Experience

March 6, 2018

Happy March Everyone! I hope y’all had a fabulous winter, but let’s welcome in Spring! Give me all the bright colors, sweet treats and SPRING BREAK. Thank goodness for spring break. I really needed a week to catch up and catch my breath. I’ve been working hard the past couple months. My roomie and I took a quick break from the CRAZINESS our lives have been to take some time out for ourselves. We have a bucket list of all the things we want to do this semester sitting on our kitchen island and this museum was #1 on the to-do!Β 

The Art of Ice Cream Experience is an interactive and Instagrammable experience in Old Town Scottsdale. The eight exhibit rooms are all dedicated to delicious variations of frozen treats! Below I outline the different rooms and what you’ll find in each one!

The Entrance

The Entrance of The Art of Ice Cream Experience already gives you a little taste of what more there is to explore inside the exhibit. Literally! You walk into a light pink room with an ice cream cone chandelier, ice cream sandwich benches and a sprinkle counter welcoming you in. The ladies working at the front in their adorable pink skirts and The Art of Ice Cream t-shirts, will offer you an ice cream bite and ask to take your picture either in front of the selfie wall or the freezer door entrance to the exhibit. This picture will come up later in your experience. After your picture and sweet treat, you enter through the heavy freezer door to your first room.

All the little pieces of art already displayed are a great reflection of what is to come. The sales associates let us know they’ve already had people express interest about purchasing the ice cream chandelier once the exhibit closes… I don’t know about you, but I’d totally snag that ice cream counter for my kitchen!


The Boxing Ring

After entering through the freezer door, you’ll be greeted by a room bathed in bright pink with a boxing ring in the center and a basket of gloves themed after ice cream cones. Now you’re ready to duke it out with your friend to fight over which one is better- ice cream in a cone or cup!? The giant ice cream poles make a great photo op and the entire room is very fun and playful, but the lighting was very difficult to work with on both our DSLR and phone cameras.

Popsicle Paradise

Throw off your boxing gloves and go get cool in the popsicle room. This room looks like a very traditional art exhibit with popsicles sculptures displayed and a very colorful graffiti wall. One of The Art of Ice Cream team member will greet you and offer you an Otter Pop while you play around in the room. We loved the graffiti wall and the popsicle wall!

Neapolitan Beach

The staff at The Art of Ice Cream Experience said this room is a fan favorite! When you exit the popsicle room you’re greeted by a dreamy pink boardwalk. The “water” is rainbow balls and the “sky” very bright blue umbrellas. On one end of the boardwalk is “Neapolitan Beach”. The pool of balls was seriously tons of fun. We sunk into them like five year olds at the McDonald’s play gym. The walls were painted like Neapolitan ice cream and it was honestly such a blast. I’m always a fan of PINK too. The opposite end of the board walk is a very dreamy, pink display of beach chairs, palm trees and flamingos of course. A pink paradise.

GoΒ Bananas

After Neapolitan Beach, we went upstairs to the second level of sweetness. The first room up the stairs is the banana split room. A sparkly pink canoe sits in a bright yellow room with heaps of banana, ice cream and cherry pillows. The walls in this room reflect the banana theme with one wall of sparkly curtains. There are also team members walking around to take pictures of you and you friends!

My Milkshake

This was my all time favorite room. The entire room is bathed in teal. On one wall, different milkshake flavors are displayed making for a beautiful backdrop. On the next wall, you are the milkshake queen in a sparkly pink throne with fun milkshake lyrics on the wall. The wall adjacent to that there are more quotes behind a gigantic milkshake. As you can tell, they really utilize all the space in this room. Across the large room is a granite looking counter with mini milkshakes displayed under a precious neon sign. Next to the counter, there are beautiful, pastel, old-school mixers. The entire room is just so much fun. There’s ton to see, take pictures with and that milkshake was so so good…

Playing with Scoops

This is the last full-sized room you’ll enter. You exit the gorgeous teal milkshake room to this sports themed room overlooking the downstairs level. There’s ice cream themed basketball and ice cream themed bowling! We had a blast messing around with the ice cream scoop balls. The lighting in this room was also really wonderful because of the natural light from the entry way.

The Ice Cream Counter

You exit the exhibit down a set of stairs to an ice cream counter. You are offered a cup or cone of your choice of ice cream flavor. Our ice cream bartender was hilarious, and he was such a bright ray in the ending of our equally as bright experience. I really loved that we were able to go through the exhibit at our own pace, chat and take as many pictures as we want. If you can make the exhibit at a less busy time, definitely do it.


On our way out of the exhibit, we found our picture from the beginning of the experience. It was printed on sticky paper to be posted up on the wall with hundreds of other guest pictures. This was such a sweet touch to the experience.

So here’s the scoop…

The exhibit currently is selling tickets through June 2018. After speaking with staff, they believe, if they don’t extend this temporary experience, they will be possibly selling the art pieces. Apparently, they already get tons of inquiries of people wanting to purchase the art pieces. The exhibit is in no way affiliated with the Museum of Ice Cream.

We personally thought the museum was worth the price! Tickets are $25 and can be purchased online or at the attraction. The tickets are sold in 30 minute time increments. The staff says they are busiest Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weekdays and in the mornings are usually the best times to go. We went around 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon and there were probably six other groups touring the two story exhibit. It was really worth it to us to go at an earlier time so we had a good long while to take as many pictures and play around as much as we wanted without people waiting around or waiting for our turn. We spent about an hour and a half in the exhibit. You also get plenty of ice cream during the experience. There were four tasting stops during the experience. The milkshake was my fav!

Thank you so much for reading! This blog post took a lot of time and care to create, but I knew it would be something y’all would love to see! I hope you enjoyed it and make sure to visit before the exhibit is gone for good.


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