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Magnolia Blossoms

August 5, 2016

If you wish your house was covered in shiplap, are nearly convinced the farm life is for you, andย Chip and Jo are your #relationshipgoals, then you may just be obsessed with the HGTV show Fixer Upper featuring Joanna and Chip Gaines from Waco, TX. Connoisseurs of all things farm trendy, this adorable couple embodies the Texas lifestyle in their home lives and community.

With their ever increasing popularity, the business has grown enormously and turned into a sensation. Putting their acclaim to use, the couple’s endeavors have blossomed into what is likely the biggest tourist attraction in Waco since the Baylor University stadium was built. Magnolia Market was founded in 2003, but has since moved to their current location at The Silos. Much like a little Fixer Upper amusement park, the property is a tourist destination that embodies everything viewers love about the show. Charming signs, quirky photo ops, family gathering spaces, gardens, and those big white farmhouse picnic tables are showcased on the landscape.IMG_5226

The Silos are much more than just a couple silos. The groundsย consist of fourย main sections: Magnolia Market, Magnolia Flour, ย Seed + Supply, and theย lawn.

The Market

There is no space untouched byย charm inside IMG_5207the Magnolia Market. From the guest book to
the small welcome script painted on the
floor,ย the store is bursting with a chic and weathered feel. Staff members, with location labeled name tags, hurry around the store precariously positioning merchandise toย keep it in pristine picturesque condition. Each section is organized by type of product, and there is often a little plaque or description on why that particular item is an intricate piece to spruce up your own home like Chip and Jo’s. The store is a little tourism with a lot of antique store. Mostย of the items are not unique to Magnolia Market, but they are picked with the store and theme in mind. Everything ties back to The Gaines Family, Fixer Upper, and the Magnolia style.

Magnolia Flour

Directly across from the market is the newest addition to the property. Magnolia Flour is aIMG_5203 teeny shop with a touch of french charm on the outside and a cozy bakery feel on the inside. Serving up large, Fixer Upper themed cupcakes, as well as homestyle treats, the bakery is a perfect addition to The Silos. It definitely feels like the lid on the package (a.k.a very essential to the Magnolia experience). We ordered the cinnamon roll, Lemon Lavender Cupcake, and two bottles of Elderflower Lemonade. Although expensive, we were delighted by the lemonade. It was unique, flavorful, and refreshing with just a hint of carbonation. The cupcake was interesting to say the least. The lavender cake was not sweet to the taste and hinted very strongly on the herb. The frosting was delicious (and I’m not a frosting gal). It was sweet and had a very boldย taste of the lemon. The cinnamon roll smelled like a gourmet candle and wasn’t too bad to gobble upย either. Overall, the bakery is a must stop.ย It’s sure to please your taste buds, and it’s pretty easy on the eyes.

Seed + SupplyIMG_5199

Next up is Seed + Supply! Although I don’t have many
comments on the store itself, as I
am not (currently) a gardener, the garden was lovely. The intricate little fairy houses, signs explaining the different plants, and even the shed all reflected Magnolia. Although the garden tends to be a very warmย spot to walk through in the heat of the day, it’s a great place to stroll quickly and admire the beauty and effort put in in order to makeย it a developed and lovely garden.

The Lawn

The common space was multipurpose. It served as the picnic area, playground, food truck lot, and game field for families to congregate. The shaded picnic tables and picnic pavilionย were absolutely perfect for keeping cool, the food truck vendors were quirky and local, and the play area was clean, well stocked, and inviting. Local food trucks lined the park. Although I wish they incorporated more local products in the store, it was nice they showcase the trucks as their prominent food vendors for a delicious lunch. We munched down on some gourmet grilled cheese that seriously hit the spot. The common space really speaks to what I believe Joanna and Chip wanted The Silos to be. It’s a welcoming family space for community members to congregate. Kids can play, parents can eat, and everyone can stay cool and shaded from the Texas sun. This area was mastered to perfection.

What You Need to Know

So now that I’ve bragged on and on about our trip, you want to go, right? Well not so fast. There are some big things everyone must know before visiting Magnolia Market at The Silos.

  1. Free Trolley Parking is located at the corner of University Parks Drive and Webster Avenue. This may be your saving grace if you plan on going on a Friday or Saturday. It never hurts to circle the block though. You could get lucky and find street parking! Bottom line: don’t pay for parking!IMG_5217
  2. Ask people to take your picture. Almost everyone will be willing to if you return theย favor. It’s Texas y’all. We’re sweet as sugar. I can tell you how many strangers I took pictures for. And trust me, you’ll want those pictures! Keep your eye out for perfect photo ops.
  3. Prepare for the crowds. You may get lucky and not have to wait, but odds are, even if you go at 11 a.m. on a Wednesday, you’ll wait a little bit. Both Magnolia Market, The Trolley, and Magnolia Bakery are subject to lines. Don’t let it stress you out though. The staff members are pros at getting you through the lines.
  4. BYOW (bring your own WATER). Texas gets hot 9/12 months of the year. A little H2O goes a long way. It’ll also help you keep some cash in your pocket when the dehydration hits you around 1 p.m.
  5. Definitely spend some cash too! Going to the market is a great experience. Although a little hyped up, it’s a fun day trip and you’ll want souvenirs. The Silos is what you make is. Chip and Jo’s magic can only go so far. Have a positive attitude, be prepared, and you’ll have a charming time.




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