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Easy Slider & Lawn Party 2.0

August 2, 2016

If you’ve ever even been to Dallas, you’ve seen the looming, gorgeous, glowing ball in the sky,  but did you know one of the best views in Dallas (second to the top of the ball itself) is on the lawn right next to the iconic tower. The fine, clever people at Reunion Tower are bringing back a popular community event for it’s second year. Dubbed Reunion Lawn Party, this part music festival and part tasting event is the perfect place to unwind with friends, family, or your significant other. IMG_1761

Reunion Tower has always been near and dear to my heart. I visit often and always have a good time at their events. This place was not only where I rung in my 16th birthday years ago, but is where, a year ago, Hunter and I had one of our first outings as a couple. The first of many (so many). So of course we recreated one of our first dates…

Now let’s get to the good stuff. The FOOD. In spirit of recreating our date, we ate the same food, and the choice was easy. Easy Slider is one of my favorite food trucks in Dallas! You get a choice of two different mini burgers for $8. There choices range from the au natural “Plain Jane” to decadent and adventurous choices. You may think that two small burgers simply couldn’t curb your hunger, but you’re so wrong. Those two juicy, loaded burgers pack such a flavorful punch that will satisfy you then entire evening of dancing, lounging, drinking, and playing loads of lawn games.

Although the food, music, and company was all wonderful,  nothing beats that bright, comfy, familiar Dallas skyline. Gazing upon the beautiful bright ball, Omni Hotel, and the beautiful Dallas Morning News building, The Reunion Lawn Party is the perfect place to lay out a blanket, unwind, and count all your lucky stars in the sky that you get to live in the greatest city in the worldIMG_1821



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