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July 6, 2016

When I lived up north, I remember going to orchards and coming home with dozens of apples. It’s a memory I associate very closely with my childhood. I remember trailing through the trees and picking out only the best fruits. Picking your own produce is something nearly everyone can do, but finding the right place is a toughie.

Living in Texas, Pick Your Own (PYO) farms are hard to come by, but thankfully, I have a very patient boyfriend who drove us two hours to East Texas to visit Greer Farm. The berries were in full bloom, so we piled our pails with 2 lbs worth delicious berries for baking, breakfast, and every bit of snacking in between.

Greer Farm is located in Daingerfield, Texas. A two hour drive from McKinney, getting there early was a struggle, yet we managed to make it by 10:30 a.m. The sun only got higher and hotter, so if possible, Β get there early and bring lots of water and sunscreen. The blackberries were dwindling, but still available, and the blueberries were prime. Delicious and juicy, there were multiple different types (our favorites were the Tif Blues and the Premiers)

The farm itself is beyond charming. Hidden beyond twists and turns, the Greer Farm is home to four charming cabins, a PYOΒ berries patch, numerous animals, as well as fresh eggs, jams, and beef jerky! The owners were welcoming and friendly. They seemed very trusting and appreciative of their guest. I would certainly love to stay for a weekend on their beautiful land.

The drive there was a bit of a drag. The early morning killed us, but we made the drive back much more exciting. The owner of Greer Farm recommended we stop in Winnsburo to poke around. An hour West of the farm was Winnsburo Main Street. A quaint little place to stretch our legs, we took in the scenery, history, and fresh air before we got back on the road again to head home!

All farms are different. Some have an abundance of crops, others have less, and each hosts a different variety in different locations.Here are some other pick your own farms in the North Texas area you can try out:

Greer Farm (our favorite)- Daingerfield, TX; Blueberries: good crop, abundance. Blackberries: most aren’t quite ripe, less. Price: $3.25 per lb.

Jenkins Farms– Bonham, TX; Peaches: some are ripe; not many in abundance. Be quick to pick! Price: $8 per gallon.

Wild Berry Farm– Salder, TX; Blackberries: closed for the season. Blueberries: not a great crop, not many in abundance. Call before traveling. $5 admission + $5 per pint of fresh berries picked.

Although it may be tricky to find a pick your own farm that fits your schedule, they are so worth it. The day trip is great for big kids, and it’s the best way to guarantee fresh, healthy berries! I’m so excited to work on my blueberry baked goods tomorrow. Expect to see thoseΒ berry filled babiesΒ on the blog very soon πŸ™‚



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