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Autumn at the Arboretum

October 17, 2016

Happy Fall Y’all!

Like most everyone, I love fall plaids, flannels, and all things Pumpkin Spice. My roomie just got a wax warmer that smells like a clean sweater! There are lots of great things about fall, but my favorite festivity has to be the pumpkins! Instead of a typical pumpkin patch this year, we kicked it up a notch and through some magic on our pumpkin picking, so Hunter and I visited The Dallas Arboretum on a day trip during my Fall Break visit.

The Dallas Arboretum’s annual Autumn at the Arboretum is a pumpkin spectacular! Noimg_0420 I mean it. The Autumn at the Arboretum features a Cinderella village made out of over 90,000 pumpkins. These pumpkins make up patches, houses, small mazes and even sit
atop the beautiful Cinderella carriage. The exhibit runs until November 23, so there’s still time to see the gorgeous display and take your own Cinderella themed pic.

General Arboretum admission is $15 per each adult and includes admission to the Autumn at the Arboretum display. Keep in mind that parking is an additional $15. You may also save a couple bucks and buy parking online for $8 instead. Make sure you have a copy of your receipt to prove parking payment to the front desk. If you’re looking to save a little more, take advantage of BOGO Wednesdays.

As I’m sure you know, Hunter and I are picture takers. We document all our adventures and love capturing moments together. If you want those amazing, magical pictures (especially in the pumpkin patch), you should arrive early. I can not stress that enough. We arrive 45 minutes after the arboretum opened on a Sunday, and it was img_2332crazy. We went back to the pumpkin patch a little later and were amazed by the amount of people in the space. It’s really a beautiful exhibit, but if you care at all about pictures, go early.
Another good tip is to look at the map. The arboretum is a maze in itself. Our favorite part was the scavenger hunt of sculptures of famous influencers in history. There’s plenty of reflection pools, charming details, and estates to admire on the property. Make sure to take advantage of all the beauty. One of our favorite places on the grounds was a little tunnel near the Water Walls and Monet’s sculpture. It felt like Ariel’s Grotto. You could walk through and see a little waterfall as well as little gems and shells encrusted inside the “grotto”. Another highlight was the Rose Mary Haggar Rose Garden. It was such a magical little grove to take pictures. Although hard to find and often crawling with quinceanera portrait takers.

My last piece of advice would be to bring snacks. We got so hungry by lunch time, and I only brought a couple of packages of my favorite Graze snacks. There are a couple of restaurants on the grounds, but we opted for the Children’s Adventure Garden Cafe by Two Sisters catering. It was perfect for picky eaters who forgot to pack a lunch (turkey and cheese sandwiches, bottled drinks, and more).

Overall, it was another wonderful day trip in Dallas. The city is full of amazing things to do, photo ops, and places to make amazing memories. I feel so lucky to have people in my life who indulge me in all of these fun adventures. I’m glad that my photographer also happens to be Prince Charming. I hope you all make your own magical memories turning pumpkins into carriages as The Dallas Arboretum this season.

And from my loved ones to yours…


Happy Fall!


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    October 17, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    WHat a lovely idea. Beautiful photos. There is nothing like fall! The foliage here is spectacular. Love, Mimi

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