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June 5, 2017

Mickey Mouse is the face of The Walt Disney Company and beloved by the young and young at heart. Mickey is on thousands of Disney products including a variety of park foods. There are Mickey Waffles, Mickey beignets and even the most delicious andย adorable Mickey cakes youโ€™ve ever seen/tasted/smelled!

Armoretteโ€™s Patisserie, located inย Disney Springs, is home to the most gorgeous Disney and non-Disney themed treats. From mini cakes, macarons, cookies and full sized signature cakes, the Patisserie churns out handcrafted goodness only in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Famous for itโ€™s classic aesthetic and Disney desserts, the patisserie was on the top of my to-do list at Disney Springs.

We decided to purchase a couple different treats to try. My mom ordered a Key Lime Macaron Cheesecake. The circular key lime cheesecake sat on top of an oversized macaron and was topped with the tiniestย macaron Iโ€™ve ever seen! I did try a bite. It was sweet, light and delicious. It was a unique dessert and the perfect portion size. I adore cheesecake, but the presentation of this little guy was unlike anything I had ever seen!

My cake of choice was their mini Mickey Mouse shaped cake. The half sphere cake was glazed red with Mickeyโ€™s signature ears, yellow buttons and a precious (and delicious) curly tail. The cake itself was filled with a chocolate mousseย with little balls inside that added a crunch to the cake! To be perfectly honest, I only chose the Mickey cake because I was mesmerized by the presentation and decoration, but he ended up being super yummy!

Overall, Amoretteโ€™s Patisserie was a delightful experience and a highlight of our trip to Disney Springs! We loved our treats, and the people working at the patisserie were extraย sweet! We loved watching the artisans craft the desserts, and I heard you can even take a class on how to make your own full sized, Mouseketeer themed cake. These creationsย are well worth the trip and the dough! Make sure you give their treatsย a taste andย stop by Armorette’s next time you visit the magical Disney Springs shopping center.

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